"Elevated Yakitori, Direct From Japan, in the West Village... It is usually considered casual pub-style izakaya food, but at Toriko NY, a West Village branch of a collection of restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka, it becomes carefully orchestrated multicourse omakase fare."  Read More


"Time Out’s Hot Spots in NYC... The first U.S. location of this elevated Japanese chain specializes in yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) seasoned with Japanese sea salt, soy sauce and fresh wasabi. You can even eat the whole bird, thanks to the chicken necks, hearts, gizzards and tails impaled on rows of sticks."  Read More


"Fine-dining yakitori restaurant Toriko NY opened in Greenwich Village and comes from the company behind esteemed, upscale Japanese restaurants Sushi Amane and Mifune."  Read More



What Is Yakitori?

Yakitori was created 300 years ago in Japan, and has become a cultural staple, ubiquitous at izakayas and restaurants around the country. It is composed of three main components: grilled chicken skewers, specialty sauce, and various types of salt. It is deceptively simple, and varies greatly based on preparation technique and location.